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Top Model and her numerous travels around the world,

Tian Kitchen
has acquired an incomparable cosmetic culture and tested the most innovative skincare the facial masks of O'WELL and Newskin.

" The facial masks are amazing. Whenever i use one of those is like 10 hour sleep! "

Jaimie Hilfiger

Empress at Jaimie Hilfiger

Beverly Hills, California

" Ever Since the facial masks are introduced to me, love the high concentrations of rare and precious natural active ingredients sourced throughout the world for radiant and sublime skin day after day. "

Sage Kirkpatrick (Actress Dexter)

ABC "SCANDAL" with Kerry Washington- Premieres 

" I have a heavy job as being an actress, you need to look good all the time. This facial masks are doing the best job. Just LOVE them, keeping my skin fully moisturized and glooming with health. "

Gwendolyn Phillips

Hollywood Actress 

" Newskin and O'WELL are the products i need to keep me perform well day afther day. Serum is the best quality and only one time use. 

No need for expensive products. Just amazing how easy to use them. My skin has become attractive. "

Anna Sichova

Works at Actress and Model

Lives in London, United Kingdom

" Modeling is looking good all the time and delivering the best pictures.

I look after my skin with O’WELL and New Skin. Two times in a week is doing the best job for me. No need for expensive crèmes and easy to take them with me to my trips around the world.

Just need them so much. "

Zaneta Hucikova

Top model from Czech Republic

" As a top model, have no time for myself. Traveling all over the world and must be ready whenever I  got booked, good to go.


I recommend it to all models and women, feels like ocean wind and is the secret of my fresh face. " 

Zaneta Hucikova

Top model from Czech Republic with her friends

" As a top model, have no time for myself. Traveling all over the world and must be ready whenever I got booked good to go.


From the moment started using this O’WELL and New Skin brands, my skin is fully brightened and moisturized. "

Olinda Castielle

Co-founder, artist & model at Maison De Castielle

" The facial masks are so good for my skin, i use them regularly two times as week. That is all my skin needs. My friends love it too, even my mother loves them at the end of the week for her relaxation. "

Rebecca Rosenblat

TV Host / Psychotherapist / Relationship & Sexuality Therapist / Advice Columnist / Published Author

Toronto, Canada AreaBroadcast Media

" O'WELL and New Skin are the products i regularly use for my facial makeover. All these years without them. Now i can not imagine how i did it. Such a relief now. "

Liliana Matic Moore

Company DIRECTOR at Spa Development Company Vienna

" The masks O'WELL and NEW SKIN are excellent. I will use it and recomend it for the SPA's I am dealing with. After using the hydratation mask, face was glowing and I did not remove it but put multivitamins serum on the top. Face feels fresh and relaxed, it lasted quite long. "

Candy Yeldham

makeup artist/fashion stylist at www.candyyeldham.co.uk

London, United KingdomApparel & Fashion

Candy Yeldham is a makeup artist who works mainly in the UK on 
fashion shoots with celebrities and 
models. She can also work with 
clients one-to-one if they need 
pre-event makeup or wedding 
makeup. Candy follows the makeup 
trends season to season and is 
passionate about the ability of 
makeup to enhance client’s features.
She has received a nomination for Make up Artist of the Year by                                                                                       Fashion's Finest, www.fashionsfinest.com 

" I found the face mask very effective and really brightened and refreshed my skin. 

I will use it every Friday night for rest and relaxation. "

Brooke Roberton

Director at Oracle Beauty

My experience spans the beauty and recruitment industries, hence the reason I developed Oracle Beauty Jobs. I have successfully owned my own salon and trained in most beauty treatments, I feel that the beauty industry needs a bridge for beauty professionals and employers to connect easily, without expensive costs being involved, which is how Oracle Beauty Jobs was born. I am extremely passionate about beauty and recruitment and will always be open to forging relationships with like minded connections. 

" These masks are introduced to me, eversinds i use them. The product quality is amazing and it lasts quite long. I just love them and recommend anyone to try. "













       BellaVista Europe  

Our Research team drew their inspiration from care protocols millennia in Asia and combine the benefits of natural substances to innovation and advanced techniques of biotechnology.


This alliance gave birth to a full range of beauty products and care.

Iconic products in our range, the Masks Face Care revolutionizing the protocol facial: Formulas quality we offer and our ability to innovate around new media make us the undisputed leader in this new segment of your products and essential partner with DC ExclusiVe / dc741

Hotel ANTUNOVIC Wellness Zagreb

Hotel ANTUNOVIC Wellness Zagreb

Hotel ANTUNOVIC Wellness Zagreb

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